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Bjørg-Elise Tuppen’s art explore how we are integrated with reality through depicting and sculpting the human form in relation to natural processes, the landscape, and the history embedded within it. It puts it us in context with the universe, natural laws and history; creating corridors in time and space, which consequently makes us see past our self awareness, and sense the larger connections. We are limited in time and space, invested in our own lives and homes. But nature is our home. Nature is us.


Through her exploration of the elusive nature of our reality, she center us, humans, and connects us to the larger universe; naming us the conscious part of it. Able to experience ourselves and to communicate our thoughts and feelings. This is something that separates us from the rest of the known universe. Thus, we mostly relate to and show affection towards the things closes to us. As a result, this often blinds us from understanding how deeply integrated we really are with nature; both our physical surroundings, as well as the scientific nature of our universe She wants to free us from the confinement that our self awareness creates; make us realise that our place within nature is larger than this. That it should embrace all living creatures, and lead the way towards a continual coexistence with the land around us, the scientific nature everything is subject to, each other, knowledge and development. Be sustainable.


Bjørg-Elise Tuppen’s work is rooted in natural science, especially quantum mechanics and neuroscience. History also plays a role, echoing and hi-lighting the quantum rules that govern our lives, such as entropy and time. She values knowledge and facts, especially those related to natural science and history, and advocates the understanding of these as a way for us to move forward in a responsible and sustainable manner.Still, through her depictions and sculptures she explores feelings; how the laws and nature of our existence, as well as the history embedded in our societies affects us. Bjørg-Elise unites theory and facts with the human emotion, tie them together as us; a part of the universe made conscious.


Bjørg-Elise Tuppen lives and works in Harstad, a town located in Arctic Northern Norway. She is an educated photographer, has a 1st Class Bachelor of Art from the University of Herefordshire, England and a master in fine art from Falmouth University.

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