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The Entropic Human - 5 min film - view with sound on



Entropy is the relentless process in which everything in our universe continuously move from a state of higher order to a state of lower order. Like a sand castle on the beach slowly returning to sand again. This is the process that makes us age, mountains crumble and stars die. In fact, everything in our universe is subject to it. Because of entropy we experience time as moving forward and the second law of thermodynamics, which states that the  entropy of the entire universe, as an isolated system, will always increase over time. Entropy and time is inherently entangled. The relentless ticking of seconds give rice to disorder, continuously pulling us forward, and in the process, generating the narrative of our reality.

I create ephemeral sculptures from natural materials and place them back in nature to dissolve back to its original form. This involves dissolving sculptures in the sea, as well as carrying them up to mountain peaks and placing them on cairns. Here the natural clay will slowly dissolve, leaving only the rock behind. It is an offering to this collective reality, which dictate and govern our lives on all levels. It is also an offering to everyone that has gone before us. Those who’s echos linger in the landscape and who has again become part of the very fabric if. Like we all eventually will.


With this I address entropy and time. How we, in all aspects of our lives and bodies are intertwined, and subject to it. And how be, because of this live, die and experience time as moving forward because of it. The laws of our reality and the sub atomic realm represent a sublime that lingers outside of our comprehension. Still, it is fundamental to our existence. We are a conscious part of nature.


Selected images from ephemeral art projects where I create sculptures from natural clay and place them back in nature to dissolve back to their original state,

Sculpture made from natural clay found by the sea. Left to dry before returned to the sea to disintegrate back to its original state.

IMG_3089 2.jpg

These sculptures, made fro, only natural materials, are placed onto cairns on mountaintop where they will wither, leaving only the stone behind.

Nytt prosjekt 2023-10-31 11.JPG
IMG_3170 2.JPG
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